Adrenaline Junkie: Purchasing Under Pressure

05 Oct ,2021

I joined AES in 2007 and I have been fortunate enough to work in multiple departments throughout my time here. I began my career as a backup receptionist, then continued to the Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable department and even worked a bit at the warehouses (Grandview and West Decatur) before finally finding my permanent home in Purchasing.

While working in Purchasing, I found that I love the “rush” feeling under the pressure of a deadline – the 4:45 pm phone call that we need to get a product to one of our locations ASAP. The adrenaline hits when all hands are on deck and we are calling all over to find the product, then hoping to find a truck that is empty and can deliver ASAP. When you know it will be a miracle if you pull it off and then the awesome feeling of success when you do.

THAT is what we do in Purchasing! We always make the impossible, possible. It’s true what they say, you’re only as good as your team, and I have to say I have a pretty great team. The purchasing department wouldn’t be as successful as we are without the help and hard work of Mollie, Sherry, Camille, and Jaime. We work together throughout everything from looking for products and securing freight, to updating the warehouses/account managers, to calculating our costs of goods. We all have our strengths and we all help each other.

I love a challenge and being in Purchasing definitely challenges me every day.

Blog Author: Gina Rodriguez, Assistant Purchasing Manager