That First Phone Call

14 Dec ,2021

It was July of 2014.

There I was trying to make it in a big new city.  I had moved to Houston from Florida with not much of a plan, and the little one I did have was torn into a million pieces.  I was mere days away from packing up and heading back home when I received the call, “we would like for you to come in for an interview.”

Within two days I am sitting, very nervously might I add, in the lobby of AES Drilling Fluids. I immediately knew I wanted to be here. I wanted to work here.  After the interview, I was sure I had blown it. I mean, did I just tell the HSE Manager interviewing me that I wanted his job one day? “Smooth Camille, just smooth,” I thought to myself.

As you can guess, I got the job. And not just the job, I got an incredible mentor out of it too. Previous to AES, I did not have much experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. Yet, someone took a chance on me, and I was determined to prove myself.  I had a lot of learning and a lot of work to do.  With time, my one mentor now became 2, 3 4… I was part of a team.  One that recognized my eagerness and nourished it, one that pushed me into opportunities when I felt underqualified, that gave me constant feedback (and smack talk), a team that helped me to refine my career, skills, and trajectory.  

As time has passed, I’ve been given incredible opportunities for exposure to many facets of our organization.  Today, I am part of the Purchasing Department.  A “high-stress, quick-on-your-feet, ‘did that really just happen?’” galvanizing rush, and it is awesome! However, one thing has become blatantly clear: it has been the entire AES Team that has allowed me to be my best today and at every stage of my development.

That first phone call.

It is that single pivotal moment that I like to reflect on when it comes to my journey, and the integral part AES and so many individuals here have played in my development, both personally and professionally.   I now like to say, “I am a strong, RESOURCEFUL, independent woman.”  I would not be here without this Team. 

Blog Author: Camille Garcia, Purchasing Assistant