Warehouse Operations is… a major operation.

30 Jul ,2021

I onboarded with AES back in 2008 after working as a ‘hand’ on an H&P rig for two years. I started with AES as an engineer trainee in South Texas for my 1st year and quickly realized an opportunity in Operations that I felt I could contribute. I was fortunate enough to start in Operations at our busiest location at the time (West Decatur, PA), and since then, I have had the opportunity to lead and help guide our growth from the Houston office.

During my tenure with AES, the opportunities that I have had have allowed me to be a part of many projects and understand the ins & outs of operating a full-blown mud facility. Obviously, one of the major components is Capital Expenditures (CAPEX).

At AES, we do not spend money on shiny objects just for show…we spend hard-earned capital on what is needed and what makes sense. Our team works extremely hard to pinpoint meaningful projects worthy of our time, money, and vision – not reactive projects.

We are proud of what we have built over the years, and we will continue to innovate and adapt to an ever-evolving oilfield.

A Nod To Key Team Players:

  • Zane Yastro (W. Texas Operations Manager) has been with AES since 2011 and has worked at 5 different facilities in 5 different states for the company. Zane started as a WH worker and worked his way through the ranks to now overseeing the busiest region in the country.
  • Douglas Kultti (Kermit WH Manager) been with AES since 2018 and comes from a background in the fracking business. Doug has grown with the expansion of the Kermit facility and is the epitome of a ‘working manager’. Doug also owns a bird that he loves dearly.
  • Will Rose (Project Manager) has been with AES since 2008 and comes with an extremely strong background as an electrician. Will’s dedication and attention to detail has allowed the Kermit facility to stand alone as the premier mud facility in W. Texas.

Blog Author: Nathan Castaneda, US Operations Manager